Under the Shade Canopy
Beach Strawberry, Sand Strawberry
Yellow Moraea, Fortnight Lily
Beach Strawberry, Sand Strawberry

Common name:Beach Strawberry, Sand Strawberry
Botanical name:Fragaria chiloensis

Perennial grows 4-8" high with tooth-edged leaves and ornamental strawberries during the fall. Cut back or mow in early spring to encourage new growth.

Yellow Moraea, Fortnight Lily

Common name:Yellow Moraea, Fortnight Lily
Botanical name:Dietes bicolor

This clumping perennial iris relative stands 3-4' high. It has light yellow iris-like flowers with maroon blotches that are about 2" wide. It performs best in full sun and in soil with good drainage.

Lawnless frontyard.

Designer: Turner Fine Gardens

Under the Shade Canopy

Photographer: GardenSoft

Soils and Compost:

Practice grass-cycling by leaving short grass clippings on lawns after mowing, so that nutrients and organic matter are returned to the soil.

Integrated Pest Management:

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